Find a Pro

Hire a Professional to get your project done the way you want! But where do you start?

The BASCO Online Membership Directory is made for you to quickly and efficiently find industry resources anywhere, anytime.

Finding the right fit with a contractor of any type can be a real job in itself. We make it a little bit easier by having qualified professionals in our association. You might want to look for someone that is also a Certified Professional Builder or have interest in talking with Professional Green Builders.

Shop for your builder as thoroughly as you shop for your home. The quality of your new home will be determined by the quality of the builder. Before you call a builder, call the Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma (405-360-4161), and we can provide a list of builders. If you are considering a remodeling project, call the association and we can provide you with a list of remodelers and one of our pamphlets to assist you in making a decision. Keep your money in your community.

The Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma is a local, professional Association comprised of Builders, and a broad spectrum of professionals that support the building industry. Since 1949, the members have joined together to improve all aspects of the building industry in this ever growing area of Oklahoma. The members are able to stay informed of changes and improvements in the industry through local, state and national publications and educational seminars.

The directory has search capabilities by ‘All Listings’, ‘Keyword Search’ or ‘Location’ which allow you to easily search for the products and services you need. View our online  Membership Directory or call the office for information and tips for building and also for selecting a builder. Call (405) 360-4161.

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