Originating in 1949, the Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma insurance plans is one of the oldest and most successful association insurance plan in the country.

The program can offer members the opportunity to cover the unique insurance needs required by residential contractors. When writing policies covering builder’s risk, workers compensation and general liability, your rates are competitive and coverage is broad. In addition, you may find your auto insurance needs to be less expensive and more comprehensive through the Association. The program was designed with the contractor in mind and is supported by the members of the Association.

BUILDER’S RISK – Provided on an easy-to-understand and convenient monthly reporting form. While under construction, broad coverage includes but is not limited to fire, windstorm, hail and vandalism, theft of attached and unattached property, and property in transit and storage as long as it is intended to be used on the job site. A safety dividend plan enables you to receive a return premium if losses are not extensive.

WORKERS COMPENSATION– The most important coverage offered by the HBA insurance program. The HBA program provides coverage necessary to comply with the statutory Workers Compensation Law of Oklahoma and is recommended as a mandatory coverage for general contractors. Special experience rates for those who qualify will be offered to Association members. To be eligible, the contractor needs to have coverage for the past three years and a loss ratio of 65 percent or less.

GENERAL LIABILITY – A comprehensive coverage plan was designed for exposures typical to the construction business to protect contractors and subcontractors, including their completed operations. A contractor’s job site is considered an attractive nuisance in the eyes of the court, and the contractor can be held responsible for injuries which occur on the job site. Again the safety dividend is available if the plan’s losses are not excessive and the company declares a dividend.

The following is a brief overview of the Associates Program. The program offers both General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage:

  • GENERAL LIABILITY – The rating is extremely competitive with anything in the marketplace. Limits of liability available in increments of $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. 60% of the Associates income must come from residential construction.
  • WORKERS COMPENSATION – Associates must have been in business for at least the last three years and have had Workers Compensation coverage in effect for the last three years. Must provide three years hard-copy premiums and losses (available by contacting your current insurance company). Must have a three-year loss ratio of 65% or better. And finally, no debit modifiers over 1.25% unless there are unusual circumstances.To sign up for the above insurance programs, contact:HUB/CFR Insurance Agency
    Bob Mathis
    4501 E 31st Street, Ste A
    Tulsa, OK 74135-2198
    (800) 375-8631HUB/CFR Insurance
    Justin Wimberly
    5600 N May Ave Ste 163
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112-3973
    (405) 841-0100
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